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Ntha Foundation

Creativity & Innovation For Development Through Advocacy

Ntha Community Foundation is an education trust that fosters the use of creativity and innovation for development through advocacy. We aim to assist in the creation of sustainable businesses, creating employment, and in the longrun boosting the private sector. We use creativity and innovation to advocate for socio-economic transformation through strategic communication.

Supporting the youth in the intentional use of their creative talents – helping them build sustainable brands; creating revenue for themselves and more job opportunities for other young creatives.

To bridge researchers & creatives to create informative & engagin content to champion change, create businesses, curb unemployment and in the longrun eradicate poverty.

Bien Corporation Africa

We work in close collaboration with the Bien Corporation Africa; who handle the production and dissemination of our work. We work in multimedia, specialising in digital media.

Flagship Programmes

The Nyenyezi Fellowship and the M'mawa Management Training Program are our flagship programs - annual trainings which equip final year University students and fresh graduates with the necessary skills to create and manage sustainable businesses and become job-creators, as opposed to jobseekers.

Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre

Tapping Into African Innovation & Creativity

Check out our innovation and creative hubs and centres around Africa.

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