Nyenyezi Ya Ku M’mawa – Stars At Dawn

Nyenyezi ya ku M’mawa is a collective under the Ntha Community Foundation.

We noted most creatives in Malawi lack the knowledge and corporate training on how to use their skills and talents to create sustainable and impactful businesses.

Ntha Foundation Team

We come in as training and mentorship providers. At the Ntha Community Foundation, we have a team specialised in digital media creation and dissemination, academically, and professionally by experience. Particularly, we are specialized and skilled in:

  1. Advocacy programming
  2. Creative production
  3. Digital dissemination
  4. Event production
  5. Business creation
The Ntha Foundation Team

How we work together

As a Collective, we train upcoming creatives and entrepreneurs. We work to connect academic researches, NGOs, and young creatives (15-30 years) to produce well-researched brief, engaging and informative content and media which champions social development/progression. We aim to be self-sustaining through marketing and the monetisation of our craft.

We work with university level innovators and creatives such as writers, designers, poets, musicians, actors, producers, athletes etc. These are trained to channel their talents into marketable attributes like Marketing, Designing, Production, Event Management; and more importantly to establish and manage their businesses.

We equip these students with the skills, experience and resources necessary for the creation of impactful content; and teach them how to do the same for their businesses. Once the media is produced, we share with all our stakeholders through digital channels and platforms.

We hope, with the knowledge and experience we give them, they can become entrepreneurs, and create their own businesses.

Development Hypothesis

We provide education/training to enhance young people’s creative skills, so they are better prepared for the workplace (through fellowships), leading success in employment and entrepreneurship, which ultimately helps expand the private sector, leading to greater social-economic development of the country. 

Education – Creativity – Workforce Training (Internship) – Employment – Entrepreneurship – Private Sector Expansion

Annual Growth Hypothesis

1 Creative Business (Bien Corporation Africa) – 7 Creative Businesses – 7Creatives Businesses – 7x Creative Businesses

Social Media (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter)


Let’s make something together.