The Ntha Community Foundation prides itself in being youth-led. Our board of directors is comprised of talented and qualified professionals with a wide range of skills and experience in advocacy, communications, creativity, innovation, ICT, digital media and entrepreneurship.

Bernadette T. Mweso

Chair of the Board, 28

Bernadette T. Mweso is a development enthusiast, a Global Health Corps alumni, and a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with 5 years working experience.

Berna currently works as a Field Officer at World Connect, where she empowers communities in implementing sustainable development. She holds a Bachelor of Art Humanities Degree from the University of Malawi.

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Nthanda L. Manduwi

Founder/Managing Director, 25

Nthanda L. Manduwi, the Managing Director of Bien Corporation Africaand founder of the Ntha Foundation is a Published AuthorInternationally Awarded Speaker and Media Icon, Human Rights and Policy Advocate, . Nthanda has 8 years of Entrepreneurship, Blogging and Media Production experience.

Ntha holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Malawi in Social Science double-majoring in Economics and Demography, specialising in Women’s Empowerment. She also holds certificates in Business Management, Project Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation. She is a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship at the Malawi University of Science and Technology.

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Alex A. Kachepa

Creative Director, 28

Alex Kachepa, an accomplished media producer, digital marketer and creative is a marketing and business development specialist with a passion for digital media and creativity.

Alex holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration, specialising in Marketing. He also holds several qualifications in Administration, ICT, and digital marketing.

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Bruce Matewere

Programs Director, 31

Bruce is a highly dynamic, vibrant, organized and resourceful Executive Director with 7 years progressive leadership work experience in the field of Rural Community Development and Mobilization, District Coordination, training, and a strong background in public health programming, with a proven record to foster organization growth, management of staff, resource mobilization, and working with teams to achieve organization goals and mission.

Bruce holds a Master’s Degree in rural and community development, a bachelor’s degree in Theologypost graduate certificate in international developmentproject management certificate, and Inclusive health communication certificate. Bruce currently works as an Executive Director for Paradiso TB Patients Trust. Prior to that he worked as a Financial Consultant for Little Harvard preschool. He also worked as the District Coordinator for Village Reach, and the District coordinator for Paradiso before he became the Executive Director in 2019.

He is also a fashion designer – the founder of Bruce by Bruce now branded Gogodasi Fashion House.

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Panji Harawa

ICT Director, 31

Panji Harawa is an ICT Specialist, a holding a Masters Degree from Buckinghamshire New University Wycombe UK in Information and Communication Technology Management (MCM) and certified by the United Kingdom Telecommunication Authority (UKTA). He also holds of a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics.

Panji has more than 10 years experience in ICT Strategic Management and Planning, ICT Resource Mobilization, Internet Governance and Project Management on ICT4D projects and Portfolios from developing e-learning content and applications and ICT4D related innovations. He is also a holder of a Certificate from University of London of e-learning and ICT use in teaching and learning.

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Maureen Mahenge

Communications Director, 26

Maureen Mahenge, a business and communications specialist, is an fashion entrepreneur – founder of Maur Designs & Tailoring. She is also a sales & marketing professional with work expertise in the communication, finance and advertising sectors. 

Maur holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Communication from the University of Malawi and currently works as a Business Development Executive at Hallmark Creations Ltd.

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