Board of Directors

The Ntha Foundation prides itself in being youth-founded, youth-led, and youth-focused in its programmes. Our board of directors is comprised of young, talented, and qualified professionals with a wide range of skills and experience in advocacy, communications, creativity, innovation, ICT, digital media and entrepreneurship.

Bernadette Mweso

Chair of the Board, 30

Bernadette Mweso is a development specialist with 7 years working experience in the fields of Grants Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Women socio-economic empowerment, Community Development, and Capacity Strengthening. She has vast experience working with both local and international NGOs in implementing sustainable development interventions in Malawi and Ghana.

Berna holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Humanities) from the University of Malawi and a certificate In Project Management for Global Health. She is a graduate student pursuing a Master of Development Policy at KDIS (Korean Development Institute, School of Public Policy and Management), with a concentration in sustainable development in South Korea.


Nthanda Manduwi

Founder, 28

Nthanda Manduwi, the founder of Bien Corporation Africaand the Ntha Foundation is a Published AuthorInternationally Awarded Speaker and Media Icon, Human Rights and Policy Advocate, . Nthanda has 10+ years of Entrepreneurship, Blogging and Media Production experience.

Ntha holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree double-majoring in Economics and Demography from the University of Malawi, specialising in Women’s Empowerment. She also holds certificates in Business Management, Project Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation. She is a graduate student pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship at the Malawi University of Science and Technology.


Rhoda Kamwaza

Managing Director, 31

Rhoda Kamwaza is a Finance Specialist working with the Ntha Foundation as the Managing  Director. She is the Project Lead in the Music4Malawi initiative, established and funded by the Music In Africa Foundation in partnership with the Goethe Institut through the #SoundConnectsFund. She is also the Project Lead in the Kwathu Upgrade: My Malawi Travel Edition, funded through the MUZI Ecosystem Project. Formerly, she worked as Finance officer in the Digi Savvy Africa initiative, funded through the World Bank funded Digital Malawi – Digital Skills for All Malawi Government Project.

Rhoda has more than 6 years experience in Financial Accounting, Administration, and Management. She holds a diploma and certification in financial accounting under ICAM (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi), and is completing her Bachelor of Commerce – accountancy at the Catholic university of Malawi.


Alex Kachepa

Creative Director, 31

Alex Kachepa – renowned Malawian creative, marketer, and business development specialist is the closest the Ntha Foundation and the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre have to a co-founder. Alex has worked with the Ntha Foundation, and the founder, Nthanda Manduwi for over 7 years, and was very involved in the establishment of the Ntha Foundation, and the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre.

Alex holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, specialising in Marketing. He also holds several qualifications in Administration, ICT, and Digital Marketing.

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Wiza Jalakasi

Innovation Director, 30

Wiza Jalakasi is an international business development expert specialising in the setup and operations of high-performance technology startups across Africa, often sharing moments from his journey on Twitter @wizaj. His career experience spans 13 years and 16 African countries, founding and building tech startups across industry verticals in the B2B and B2C space.

Wiza is currently the Director of Africa Market Development at Ebanx, a Brazilian headquartered global payments processor serving over 1,500 merchants to reach over a billion customers in 29 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Before joining Ebanx, Wiza previously served as Vice President of Global Merchant Business at Chipper Cash – a cross-border mobile money service with over 5 million users.


Benedict Sam

Media Director, 34

Ben Sam is currently working as a Media Specialist and Trainer in the World Bank funded Digital Malawi – Digital Skills For All Malawi Government project. He is a Creative Director and a Video Producer, also an experienced Professional Corporate Photographer.


Panji Harawa

Technology Director, 34

Panji Harawa is an ICT Specialist, holding a Master of Science Degree in Information and Communication Technology Management (MCM) from Buckinghamshire New University Wycombe UKand certified by the United Kingdom Telecommunication Authority (UKTA). He also holds of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics.

Panji has more than 10 years experience in ICT Strategic Management and Planning, ICT Resource Mobilization, Internet Governance and Project Management on ICT4D projects and Portfolios from developing e-learning content and applications and ICT4D related innovations. He is also a holder of a Certificate from University of London of e-learning and ICT use in teaching and learning.


Rebecca Saeluzika Mzungu

Information Director, 29

Rebecca is currently working as the Head of Trainer in the World Bank funded Digital Malawi – Digital Skills for All Malawi Government project. Rebecca is also the Head of ICT of Bien Corporation Africa, and the Ntha Foundation. Rebecca has an Honors Degree in Business Technology and a Master’s Degree in Engineering (Communication and Information Systems)

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Victor Gondwe

Operations Director, 34

Victor Caeser Gondwe is currently pursuing Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management. He holds a Bachelors of Social Science (majoring in Social Work) from The Catholic University of Malawi.

He currently works as the Chief Operations Officer at the Ntha Foundation. He served as a Project Lead on the the World Bank funded Digital Malawi – Digital Skills For All Malawi Government project. He is also a Project Officer in the Music4Malawi initiative, and his work centres community mobilisation, administration, and human resource management.


Maureen Mahenge

Events Director, 29

Maureen Mahenge, a business and communications specialist, is an fashion entrepreneur – founder of Maur Designs & Tailoring. She is also a sales & marketing professional with work expertise in the communication, finance and advertising sectors. 

Maur holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Communication from the University of Malawi and is currently pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship at the Malawi University of Science and Technology. She currently works as a Business Development Executive at Hallmark Creations Ltd.

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