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Not only are we youth-led and youth-serving, we also pride ourselves on being woman-led. At the helm of the board of the Ntha Foundation sits Ms. Bernadette Mweso, 30, who has been with us since our inception.

Bernadette handing out certificates to the graduates of our 2021-2022 Digital Malawi Training.

I have been working with the Foundation since before the inception year in 2018, while it was still an idea. I remember sitting down with Nthanda the founder as she shared the dream and we would stay up late brainstorming about how she can implement and perfect her idea. So as of now I’d say for the entire 5 years.

Bernadette Mweso, Ntha Foundation Board Chair

Bernadette is a development specialist with 7 years working experience in the fields of Grants Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Women socio-economic empowerment, Community Development, and Capacity Strengthening. She has vast experience working with both local and international NGOs in implementing sustainable development interventions in Malawi and Ghana. Berna holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Humanities) from the University of Malawi and a certificate In Project Management for Global Health.

Speaking on her experience growing with the Ntha Foundation:

In one word I’d say “Sensetional“. 2018 I’d describe it as the early years of my career, back then I heard the ideas, I saw the dream but I never relished the magnitude of that dream. And watching it unfold leaves me astonished every time. The Foundation has achieved way beyond what we imagined and as we grow and learn, we strive to keep adapting and innovating to the modern ways of living and learning while ensuring we do not lose our values. Seeing the impact attained thus far through the various programs, I honestly am very proud of the team behind all of it.


Ms. Mweso was recently selected on a full scholarship to pursue a Master of Development Policy at KDIS (Korean Development Institute, School of Public Policy and Management), with a concentration is Sustainable development. She is now based in South Korea, but still has high hopes for the Ntha Foundation.

To this end, the Foundation has established rooted impact locally in Malawi. We have partnered with various organizations, including the Malawi Government through the ministry of education in achieving our dreams with has yielded so much for many young people in Malawi. We have also received so much support from international partners and funders such as the World Bank, the European Union, and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), which has enabled us to continue to provide quality educational and capacity strengthening trainings to our beneficiaries. But moving forward we are looking to go beyond our horizons. Our next step is to further our initiatives across Africa by expanding the Programs and adjusting some to a higher level. We believe the Foundation has a lot to offer to the world beyond our beloved country.

In terms of funding, we have been very lucky in our resource mobilization over the years to have gotten a little over 350,000 USD from the World Bank, EU and GIZ combined. This funding has been extremely instrumental in the establishment and implementation of some of our programs. We are excited and looking forward to building more partnerships with interested organizations that share the passion for digital innovation and creativity.

Ms. Mweso
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