Kuwala Scholarships

The Digital Skills Kuwala scholarship is a sponsored scholarship offered to high performing
students to increase their capacity and knowledge in digital skills. In partnership with
schools within Lilongwe, we are recruiting bright young stars to join us under a 4-week
training program sponsored by Ntha Foundation & Digi Savvy. This initiative is due to an
overwhelming amount of interest we have received from our surrounding communities.
However, we are unable to meet demand due to capacity and resources needed for the
sustainability of this program.


The Kuwala Kids Digital Skills Scholarship is offered to high performing students to increase
their capacity and knowledge in digital skills – thereby enhance their learning capabilities.
The program is currently fully funded by the Ntha Foundation.

Eligibility Criteria for trainees

  • Ages 8 -18
  • Residents of Lilongwe.
  • Interest to learn how to use computers and various mobile devices.
  • Top performers in their last two terms.
  • Able to cover their own transport to and from the hub in Area 47, Sector 2.


DigiSavvy in partnership with Ntha Foundation would like to increase the number of
participants to benefit from our digital skills training by offering organisations and
institutions the opportunity to sponsor and pay fees for participants to access our
“Introduction to Computer Basics” course. These participants will join our trainings for 4
weeks each and be endowed with valuable skills in computer basics as well as coding skills
that will help them build an understanding of computer programming and coding.


As the need for digital skills and literacy increases, it is paramount for organizations and
institutions to be at the fore front of ensuring facilities such as our hub are accessible to as
many as possible. Partnering with us not only benefits the learners through skill acquisition
and capacity building but also positions your organization as one that:

  • Gives back to its community and customer base
  • Is concerned with improving digital literacy and uptake of digital services and
    products in Malawi
  • Is involved in reducing the digital skills gap in Malawi.

We will communicate this throughout our messaging of all our content, media engagements
and branding once our partnership has been confirmed.

For more information on how to sponsor the Kuwala Kids Digital Scholarship contact the
Alex Kachepa (Business Development Specialist)
Email: alex@nthafoundation.org
Tel: +265 991 850 760