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Judith Kumwenda, 23, is a development practitioner with a specialty in research, gender and media. She is also a trained feminist, macroeconomist and data analyst. 

I joined the M’mawa Management Training Program as I was awaiting my graduation. I felt that what Ntha foundation does aligned with my development studies and sought to attain long term employment. 

After being hired as an intern at Ntha Foundation, Judith quickly rose to leadership positions due to her undeniable talent and commitment under the mentorship of its founder, Nthanda Manduwi, and Victor Gondwe. 

In my 10 months here, I have learnt how to draft resource mobilization proposals and to draft concept notes for various stakeholders that Ntha Foundation works with. I have been introduced to website development through WordPress, and social media management. I have been exposed to more than what I gained from my degree, and that is essential for me as I join the corporate world. 

– Judith Kumwenda

Navigating the workplace is a challenge for every individual, more especially woman, and Judith is no exception. 

There is a lot of undermining that comes with the responsibility. I have two factors at play: being young and being a woman in leadership.

Ntha Foundation having a young female founder has made the journey easier and reshaped my views on women leadership. As the head of resource mobilization and communications, some of the skills that have helped me navigate the gender and age factors are agility, adaptability and conflict management. 

Judith (right), Resource Mobilisation & Communications Officer, with Nomsa (left), ICT / Digital Communications Associate.

In 10 years, Judith sees herself with a Master’s degree in Precarious work and gender studies, working in NGOs that work with the Ministry of Labour to uplift the livelihoods of precarious workers, especially women. 

Her role model: Chisomo Kalinga, PhD 

What I have realised from my time at the Ntha Foundation is that “every work needs creativity for it to stand out”.

There are absolutely no limits to what a young woman can achieve and I am excited to achieve more. 

Judith Kumwenda

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