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With support from the Malawi Government, through the Public Private Partnership Commission, under the Digital Malawi project funded by the World Bank, The Ntha Foundation was tasked to establish a hub in Malawi. Over the course of the past 2 years, the Ntha Foundation managed to launch the Kwathu Innovation and Creative Centre in Lilongwe City and Mangochi District.

The Kwathu Innovation Innovation & Creative Centre is a digital media and innovation hub under the Ntha Foundation that works to empower young people to use their creative and innovative skills and talents for development through advocacy. 

KICC specialises in digital storytelling, and over the past year has become home to innovations and platforms like Digi Savvy AfricaColanceAfricaTailored AfricaNMN AfricaBants2BusinessMusic4Malawi, and more. 

The KICC team is comprised of the KICC core team, which is supported by the Ntha Foundation team, and several products teams managing the various innovations.

Learn more about the KICC team here

The team is supported by fellows from the M’mawa Management Training program. The M’mawa Management Training is a full-time, voluntary training program at Ntha Foundation, , fully funded by the Bien Corporation Africa and other partners, providing in-class lessons and on-the-job trainings in administration, communication, digital, and people skills; as well as work ethics.

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