Kwathu Online Safety Project | Coming Soon

“Kwathu” in Chichewa means “Home”.

The Kwathu Innovation and Creativity Centre was created with the aim of creating a safe space for young creatives and entrepreneurs to innovate and produce creative content which champions policy through advocacy.

Mental health is one of the thematic areas addressed by the Ntha Foundation

Identified problems:

  • Lack of information and data on the impact of the shift to digital on the mental health of youth in Malawi.
  • Lack of access to information and knowledge in online safety among Malawian youth and other stakeholders.
  • Lack of access to counseling and psycho-social support among marginalized and peri-urban youth in Malawi.

Targeted audience:

  • Nyenyezi Fellows
  • M’mawa Management Trainees
  • Digi Savvy Learners
  • Young people from semi-urban areas


  • To assess the impact of the digital migration on the Mental Health of young Malawians.
  • To improve and align our current programs in addressing the impact of the digital migration on the youth’s mental health.
  • To create platforms for psycho-social support using technology and innovation.

Proposed solutions:

  • Research on “The impact of the shift to digital on the mental health of Malawian youth” as well as access to mental health programs for youth.
  • Educational training on cyber safety and how to deal with mental health issues caused by the shift to Digital via Digi Savvy.
  • Creation of safe spaces for young people to talk about mental health issues.
  • Inter-generational dialogues to promote exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences between adults and young people on issues around mental health.
  • Introduction of theater for change i.e. storytelling, poetry, music and films.
  • Use of digital apps to provide online counseling.