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Linda Mchawi, 29, is an information management professional with a speciality in Project Management and Health and Biodiversity Informatics. She is also a writer and editor with specific interests in Gender and Women’s Issues.  

It has been 6 months since I joined the team as the Hub Manager in August 2022. It has been a great experience learning about the Digital Skills Programs that the Foundation offers.

In my management position, I have learnt how to manage the project, particularly The Digital Malawi Project being implemented by the Foundation in Lilongwe and Mangochi. I have also acquired interpersonal communication skills as I manage external partnerships that the organization has. 

Navigating the STEM workspace is a challenge for every individual, more especially a woman, and Linda is no exception. Women’s ideas are not taken seriously in the field and women are not entrusted to execute projects under the myth that women cannot execute the job as men “supposedly” would.

Managing the Mangochi hub has given me more insight into issues such as working with young people from rural and semi-rural areas to make sure their digital needs are being met, taking into consideration the geographical area of the project. 

Linda Mchawi

In 10 years, Linda sees herself furthering her studies by attaining a PhD in Health Informatics and Policy with a specific focus on how government Leadership and Laws affect the quality of Health Care, Management and Service Delivery. She would like to join academia in the near future.  

Role model: Dr Nellie Wadonda-Kabondo 

These are the words that Linda lives by “Carpe Diem – Seize the Day.” Basically, make the most of what you have been given. Also, rest is important. 

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