Rebecca, 28, holds a Master of Engineering in Communications and Information Systems from the Liaoning University of Technology in China and a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology from NACIT. Rebecca is a technology enthusiast whose passion is to see technology and innovation being used for development. She foresees a world where technology is just not used for entertainment but for development in various sectors such as Education, and health.

I joined the Ntha Foundation in August, this year, after applying to fill the vacancy. I had decided to apply because I saw the organisation was investing in what I was passionate about, which is digital skills and innovation. The hub itself is a good atmosphere to grow and learn. 

Rebecca grew to love the foundation for its flexibility, youthfulness and community. The foundation allowed for a space to share ideas and to help her exercise her leadership roles. 

I have been here for less than 6 months but already, my development and management skills -of both products and people- have gotten better. I’ve also been challenged to improve my writing skills. In such a dynamic environment, you are guaranteed to meet diverse sets of people and managing them may not always be the easiest.  

I am grateful that I haven’t faced challenges due to my gender, as the organisation is woman-led with a large female representation. Everyone has been helpful but what I have learnt and I’m still learning is that managing products and people is different. People are distinct in ethics, characters and skillsets, so finding a balance between getting the best out of everyone whilst making sure the organisations’ plans are being met can be testing. 

In 10 years, Rebecca sees herself with a PhD in Information Technology. I would like to continue developing my skills and knowledge in order to be able to take on more responsibilities and to work in some of the most reputable ICT and Global organizations and institutions. Academia is also a field that spikes my interest and I might finally gather the courage to explore that field.  

Role model: Herself in ten years 

These are the words that Rebecca lives by “Turn your scars into stars.” This has guided her to her current success.

Learn more about the Ntha Foundation here.

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