Malawian Women In Finance | Rhoda Kamwaza

Rhoda Kamwaza, 29, holds a diploma in financial accounting. She joined the Ntha Foundation as a Finance Associate in June of 2021.

I joined the M’mawa Management Training because of the skill gap I had while working at my previous work place. I was straggling to come up with the desired results in a professional way, so when I saw the opening, I took it as an advantage to advance my skills in a professional manner, and also to work in my career path, since the experience I had was not inline with my career.


Thus far, she has worked with close supervision and mentorship from Chimango Manduwi and Mike Masache – experienced finance and tax consultants.

I have learnt the following so far: bank reconciliation, Tax processes like computation of PAYE, and withholding tax. I have a great understanding in particular on how to work online using google drive and emails. I have learnt the spirit of team work – working closely with my colleagues. I have also learnt a few things in digital marketing skills, just to mention a few.


Rhoda hopes to learn more of Accounting software, because she is currently not great at them, and hopes to advance her skills in more accounting frameworks.

Her role model: Mary Mkosi

A quote she lives by: Anyone can become anything in life through hardwork, passion, determination, focus and putting God at the center of it all.

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