Digital Skills For Kids Parents Day

The 1st cohort for Digi Savvy, Digital Skills for Kids had the final lessons last week. It has been an exciting journey for us to have the opportunity to train our future leaders on digital skills.

We took the opportunity to invite the children’s parents at Ntha Foundation to have a look at what the kids have been up to these past few weeks. The kids have learnt some basic computer skills, gamification and how to stay safe on the internet. Talking to the parents today we have seen how the Digi Savvy training is having a positive impact on the kids’ lives now, especially how they work at school or home using the computer. 

From the feedback we got from the parents and the kids we are excited for more kids to join the digital skills training program. 

We will be putting out a call for the next cohort of learners soon. Please subscribe to the website, to get the notification of when the next cohort goes live directly in your mailbox.

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