M’mawa Management Training

The M’mawa Management Training is a full-time, fully funded, voluntary training program at Ntha Foundation, providing in-class lessons and on-the-job trainings in administration, communication, digital, and people skills; as well as work ethics.

We understand that we cannot all be entrepreneurs/founders – that there must be some managers/administrative partners to assist start-up founders in the realisation of the development of sustainable businesses.

This program enhances the educational experience through practical training and guided hands-on exposure & involvement in Ntha Foundation’s projects as well as providing exposure and access to the Ntha Foundation’s skills training programs.

This training is unpaid, and voluntary, but alumni of this training will be considered for paid positions that open up at the Ntha Foundation, as well as our partnering organisations.

To see available positions, and apply for this program, check out this post.