Nyenyezi Fellowship Application

We accept applications for the #NyenyeziFellowship all year round, but only make selections once a year.

The earlier you apply, the greater your chance at being considered for the next cohort.

How To Apply

  1. Uniformise your social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – e.g. your handle should be @NthaFoundation on all your social media platforms.
  2. Create your CV in any canva layout – 1 page.
  3. Have an HD passport photo of yourself with a yellow background taken by a professional photographer.
  4. Upload your CV, and passport photo to your google drive.
  5. Submit the links, and other required details below. Remember to turn on sharing in your google drive uploads.

See here a sample of photos we expect:

Apply For The Nyenyezi Fellowship Program



(265) 991 85 07 49

Nyenyezi Fellowship Application

We look forward to working with you and helping you realise all your creative and innovation ideas, through the Nyenyezi Fellowship program.

Best of luck!

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