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In a night filled with melodies and excitement, the Ntha Foundation joined hands with Maso Awards to host a memorable event on November 25th, 2023, at the BICC in Lilongwe. Victor Gondwe, the Chief Operations Officer of Ntha Foundation, took the stage to deliver a compelling speech, highlighting the importance of partnerships in fostering positive change. He emphasized how the union between Ntha Foundation and Maso Awards is a testament to their commitment to the arts, specifically in recognizing and honoring outstanding contributions to the creative industry. 

The Music4Malawi project, as introduced by Victor Gondwe, stands as a testament to the Ntha Foundation’s commitment to celebrating excellence in the realm of music. This initiative is not just a recognition platform but a catalyst for nurturing and promoting the extraordinary talents that Malawi has to offer. 

As a gesture of appreciation for their partnership, Maso Awards organizers treated the audience to a visually stunning glimpse of the Music4Malawi project. A brief video showcased the essence of the initiative, leaving the audience in awe and anticipation for the transformative impact it promises to bring to the Malawian music landscape.  

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Adding an interactive touch to the evening, Managing Director Rhoda Kamwaza stepped into the spotlight to announce one of the eagerly awaited award winners. In a playful and engaging manner, she challenged the audience by exclaiming, “Guess who is the winner?” The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as attendees eagerly speculated and exchanged guesses, creating a lively and spirited ambiance. 

Rhoda Kamwaza’s involvement in the announcement not only added a personal touch to the event but also highlighted the dedication of Maso Awards to involving influential figures who are actively contributing to the music industry. Her dynamic approach not only built suspense but also showcased the commitment of Maso Awards to make every moment of the event memorable. 

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