Women’s Voice | 41st SADC Summit

This year Malawi will be hosting the 41st SADC Summit.

The theme is “Bolstering productive capacities in COVID-19 era and promoting regional integration and industrialization”.

The Feminist Macro-Economic Alliance-Malawi,  held a CSO Preparatory Meeting On Friday 30th July 2021 organised by Action-aid.

The discussion was centred around “How we can make regional integration and the SADC Industrialization Agenda work for women”.

During the SADC summit is it important that women have a role in understanding how this agreements benefit them. 

“Where are the women in all these negotiations?…We need to have our own house in order as Malawi before we can go regional”   

Tikhala Itaye

There is a  need to solve local issues regarding women in Malawi before we can go regional. It’s important that women in Malawi are confident trading locally, that they are practical policies in place that empowers them. This will make trading regional and industrialization easier for women.

During  the presentation on the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement, Dr. Diamond (The Minister of Trade) put up a picture of the people who where in that meeting and they were no women present. Now the question is why are women not include in making these agreements? Does the agreement truly reflect the needs of women? 

Ntha Foundation was honoured to be part of the discussion. All women in Malawi need to be included or made aware of such agreements. Most importantly to start helping women to trade locally, have access to finance and teach then the importance of digital skills. Only then can women benefit from the regional integration and industrialization in this COVID-19 era.

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