2024 EdTech Conference:UNIVERSITY OF MALAWI

The EdTech@UNIMA 2024 Conference took place on Thursday, May 16th, and Friday, May 17th, at the prestigious Economics Building, University of Malawi. This two-day event was a vibrant convergence of minds dedicated to exploring the future of educational technology (EdTech) in Malawi.

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Attendees and Participation

The conference attracted a diverse group of stakeholders passionate about the intersection of education and technology. Attendees included government officials, potential EdTech investors, students, lecturers, and media representatives from both TV and radio. This eclectic mix of participants fostered a dynamic and engaging environment, rich with the exchange of ideas and insights.

Day 1 Highlights

The first day of the conference was packed with enriching activities:

  • Research Paper Presentations: Scholars and researchers took the stage to present their latest findings in the field of EdTech. These presentations sparked insightful discussions and provided a platform for academic exchange.
  • Exhibitions: Attendees explored various exhibitions showcasing innovative EdTech solutions. These exhibitions offered a glimpse into the future of education technology, highlighting cutting-edge tools and applications designed to enhance learning experiences.
  • Topical Presentations: Several critical issues were addressed through focused presentations:
    • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer: Speakers discussed the importance of protecting intellectual property and strategies for effective technology transfer.
    • Funding Opportunities for Technology and Innovations in Malawi: This session shed light on available funding avenues for tech initiatives, encouraging innovators to seek financial support.
    • Open Distance E-Learning (ODeL) Workshop: Participants engaged in an interactive workshop exploring the potential and challenges of ODeL, a crucial model for expanding educational access.

Day 2 Highlights

Building on the momentum of the first day, the second day featured a series of impactful activities:

  • ODeL Workshop: Continuing from the previous day, this workshop provided an in-depth exploration of Open Distance E-Learning, discussing best practices, implementation strategies, and future prospects.
  • Further Presentations and Exhibitions: Additional presentations on topical issues kept the conversations flowing, while new exhibitions showcased more innovative solutions in the EdTech space.
  • Meet and Greet Session: This networking session was a highlight, allowing participants to connect, collaborate, and form valuable partnerships that will drive the future of EdTech in Malawi.

Exhibition and Presentation Opportunities

Participants were given the opportunity to showcase their EdTech innovations through both presentations and demonstrations. We were committed to supporting these innovators by providing the necessary resources to ensure their exhibitions were successful.


The EdTech@UNIMA 2024 Conference was a resounding success, creating a fertile ground for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking. It underscored the importance of EdTech in transforming education in Malawi and highlighted the collective efforts needed to drive this transformation forward.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants, presenters, and exhibitors for their invaluable contributions. The insights and connections made during this conference will undoubtedly propel the EdTech landscape in Malawi to new heights.

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