International Day of Women in Diplomacy: COLLABORATIONS ACROSS BORDERS

As we mark the International Day of Women in Diplomacy, Ntha Foundation takes a moment to reflect on our journey and the incredible women who have shaped the course of diplomacy and international relations.

Our Vision: Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainable Development

Ntha foundation has always believed in the power of creativity and innovation as catalysts for development and change. Through advocacy and education, we’ve aimed to create sustainable businesses and employment opportunities, thereby strengthening the private sector.

Collaborations That Inspire

Our experience with diplomacy has been enriched by collaborations with various diplomats and international partners. A notable highlight was the World Creativity and Innovation Day 2024 celebration, hosted in partnership with His Excellency Rune Skinnebach, the Ambassador of the European Union Delegation to Malawi. This event not only celebrated innovation but also fostered diplomatic relations and showcased the role of women in leading change.

Moreover, we draw inspiration from our recent Africa Day 2024 celebration, themed “Education Fit for the 21st Century.” This theme resonates deeply with our commitment to empowering women through education and providing them with the tools they need to excel in diplomacy and leadership roles.

During Africa Day, we honored the transformative power of education and its pivotal role in shaping Africa’s future. We proudly participated in the event hosted by the Government of Malawi at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, organized in partnership with the African Union. The discussions and insights from this event have further fueled our dedication to nurturing a generation of educated and skilled African women ready to take on diplomatic challenges.

Celebrating Female Diplomats

Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and, therefore, also half of its potential. Their leadership styles, expertise, and priorities broaden the scope of issues under consideration and improve the quality of outcomes in diplomacy. Research shows that when women serve in cabinets and parliaments, they pass laws and policies that benefit ordinary people, the environment, and social cohesion. Advancing measures to increase women’s participation in peace and political processes is vital for achieving women’s de facto equality. Inclusive governance not only reflects the diversity of the population but also leads to better-informed policies that address the needs of all citizens.

On this International Day of Women in Diplomacy, we honor the female diplomats who have been at the forefront of negotiations, peacebuilding, and global advocacy. Their resilience and leadership inspire us to continue our mission of fostering development through creative and innovative means

Happy International Day of Women in Diplomacy! 

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