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On the 6th of October 2023, the Grand Palace Hotel in Mzuzu became the hub for an insightful and progressive event – the Tech Talk Partner Forum.  The Tech Talk Partner Forum, hosted by Mzuzu E-hub, was a groundbreaking event that brought together tech hubs and organizations from various parts of Malawi.

Ntha Foundation, as one of the 20 invited hubs, made its mark as a forward-thinking organization committed to harnessing technology for social and economic development. Chief Operations officer, Victor Gondwe represented the Ntha Foundation at this engaging event, which aimed to explore pathways toward creating long-lasting, technology-led initiatives. 

Aside from Ntha Foundation, the event featured a number of organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to leveraging technology for social and economic development. Some of the notable participants included Mzuzu University, Nxt Gen, Mhub, Acades, Temwa, Computer for Enhanced Education, Life Concern, Maloto, Youth Innovation Creativity, Focus Organization, Citizen Impact Organization, Computer Clinic, and Sprodeta. 

The focus of the Tech Talk Partner Forum was to create a platform for sharing success stories, lessons learned, and opportunities among the participating organizations. Each organization had the opportunity to showcase their unique approaches to utilizing digitalization for the greater good, shedding light on their accomplishments and challenges. It was a day of shared experiences and innovative thinking. 

The Tech Talk Partner Forum was a remarkable initiative that showcased the potential of collaboration and knowledge sharing among diverse organizations. Victor Gondwe, the representative of Ntha Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm for the event.

This forum was a great initiative by Mzuzu Ehub, which brought different organizations from various fields together. We learned more about how we can build sustainable ecosystems through leveraging digitalization, which is essential in our participation in the digital economy.

Victor Gondwe, Ntha Foundation COO

The Mzuzu Ehub initiative deserves commendation for bringing together diverse organizations from various fields. It served as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaborative efforts. Victor Gondwe acknowledged the importance of such forums, highlighting that they are instrumental in bridging gaps and fostering cooperation among different sectors. Victor emphasized that digitalization plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainability in today’s world. He underscored the fact that digitalization isn’t merely a choice; it is a necessity for organizations aiming to participate in the digital economy.  

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