A Digi Savvy Eastern Region of Malawi

The Kwathu Centre under the Ntha foundation is the home and host of Digi Savvy Africa which encompasses is an online learning platform that focuses on training people in digital skills from beginner to advanced courses.

The courses have both in-person training and e-learning components, and are suitable for people of all ages.

We offer different courses in digital branding, introduction to computers, digital branding and social media, introduction to digital marketing, social media strategy, and cyber security and safety.

Digi Savvy Africa won its first Award as the EdTech innovation of the year at the 2021 Malawi ICT Innovation Awards that was hosted by the National Bank of Malawi at Sunbird Nkopola in Mangochi.

With the prize money, Digi Savvy Africa will be able to advance and expand the courses it offers by developing audio and visual elements to make e-learning easier for learners to follow as well as be inclusive for those who are visually impaired so they can be able to access the lessons as well.

Services Offered

Aside from the courses offered, Digi Savvy Africa also provides computers, free internet, and tech hubs for people to access these ICT facilities.

The in-person learning component of Digi Savvy Africa comes with well-trained and qualified trainers.

Learn more about Digi Savvy Africa in the video below:

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