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Victor Gondwe, 26, holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Science Social Work. He is about to start his Masters in Public Administration at The University of Malawi. He joined the Ntha Foundation as an administrative associate through the M’mawa Management Training Programme in May, 2021.

I joined the M’mawa Management Training Program under the Administration track. I wanted to pursue my passion for management and I believed Ntha Foundation was the best organization to help me grow.

In my 2 years here, I have learnt people skills, communication skills, management skills. I have learnt more about team work and I have learnt to be solution centred. Through the mentorship of Nthanda Manduwi, Panji Harawa and Alexa Kachepa I have learnt a lot of project management and good corporate ethos.

– Victor C Gondwe

Victor shares with us his journey on how he has championed Development through advocacy at Ntha Foundation:

At early stage in my journey with Ntha Foundation, I was given hands on experience, with being involved in the development of the Music4Malawi platform; which was focused in providing music creatives and manager an opportunity to build their capacity and grow their brand,  with guidance from management, we won 10,000 euros from the Music in Africa Live Grant to operationalize the 1st edition of the Music4Malawi Project between November to December 2021, where I was working in the capacity of Project Administrator. This platform has grown and recently I was involved in the successful grant winning of the 2nd edition of the Music4Malawi Project which is currently being implemented by the Ntha Foundation with 68,000 euros funding support from the Sound Connects Fund.

Furthermore, after finishing my M’Mawa Management Training, I was honored with the opportunity to be part of the World Bank Funded Digital Malawi Project, which is a Malawi Government Project implemented by the Public Private Partnership Commission as the Communications and Outreach Officer. Through the 2 years working on this project in that capacity I was responsible for recruitment of participants and building partnerships with youth networks and youth led organizations. We managed to train 600 youths from the catchment areas of Lilongwe and Mangochi in digital and entrepreneurship skills. Over the past 3 Months I became the project lead of this project and we engaged in further training on e-work, digital and entrepreneurship skills training through our flagship program Nyenyezi fellowship, as well held two Mass Digital Literacy Awareness campaigns in partnership with TNM and DMI.

I have represented Ntha Foundation as one of the 42 organizations from around the world to develop the Adolescent Youth Sexual Reproductive Global Road Map of Action. This Global Roadmap of Action was launched at the International Conference on Family Planning 2022 in Pattaya Thailand.

Navigating the workplace is a challenge for every individual, more especially a young person in Mangement, and Victor is no exception. 

There is a lot of undermining that comes with the responsibility as a young leader. It is hard managing a big team of people. It is also hard to fit in with other leaders especially when they are older and more experienced.

Victor represented the Ntha Foundation at the 2022 International Conference on Family Planning in Pattaya, Thailand.

In 10 years, Victor sees himself in a higher management position, leading over hundreds of people. While still maintaining his passion, closing the digital divide in Africa and beyond.

His role model: Barrack Obama

For anyone out there with doubt always push pass the barriers set in your mind. 

Victor C Gondwe

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