2024 Women’s History Month | KWATHU UPGRADE

To celebrate the 2024 Womens History Month, we at the Kwathu Kollective through #DigitalSkillsforAfrica (@DS4Africa) partnered with the SME Growth Lab AfricaOasis Brands, and Ntha Foundation to host the Kwathu Upgrade “Leading Legacy: Herstory Edition”. The workshop enrolled 100 ladies from 14 countries.

The workshop on #Day1 was opened with a Bants2Business panel session, engaging speakers May-May Ogoigbe 🇳🇬, Thelma Kaliu 🇲🇼, and Dr. Nadait Gebremedhein 🇪🇷, sharing their insights on African Women’s Participation in Digital Transformation.

This session was followed by a “Digital Empowerment” workshop on #Day2, facilitated by ICT specialists at the #KwathuKollective (@KwathuKowork). The sessions focused on equipping the ladies with tools and knowledge to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

#Day3 was on the topic of “Entrepreneurial Skills Development”, facilitated by the SME Growth Lab – with an impressive lineup of expert facilitators – very knowledgeable in the essential skills and knowledge for success in business.

On #Day4, we were joined by experts from Oasis Brands – and they carried the ladies through the power of Creative Expression. It was a day filled with inspiration, innovation, and artistic exploration.

#Day5 — marking the last day of the workshop; saw colleagues from the Ntha Foundation preparing the ladies to step into the world as change-makers.

It was such an exciting workshop. Congratulations to all the ladies (and gentlemen) who made it a success!

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