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We are delighted to partner with The Catholic University of Malawi – engaging 3 Development Studies and Community Development students in our 6-month M’mawa Management Training Programme.

Read more about the M’mawa Management Training here.

The M’mawa Management Training is a full-time, voluntary training programme at Ntha Foundation, , co-funded by the Bien Corporation Africa and other partners, providing in-class lessons and on-the-job trainings in administration, communication, digital, and people skills; as well as work ethics.

We understand that we cannot all be entrepreneurs/founders – that there must be some managers/administrative partners to assist start-up founders in the realisation of the development of sustainable businesses.

This program enhances the educational experience through practical training and guided hands-on exposure & involvement in Ntha Foundation’s projects as well as providing exposure and access to the Ntha Foundation’s skills training programs.

For this cohort, we partnered with the Catholic University of Malawi to engage 3 Development Studies and Community Development Students in our 6-month training. The team will join and be mentored by the team at the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre, managing and contributing to various products being created at the innovation hub.

Meet our third cohort on the M’mawa Management Training:


A dedicated advocate for youth empowerment and development, currently pursuing a degree in Community Development at the Catholic University of Malawi. She is excited to embark on the M’Mawa Management Training Program, a fantastic opportunity offered by the Ntha Foundation, where she will gain crucial management skills in marketing, finance, communication and procurement.


A dedicated individual who is passionate about personal and professional growth. He is currently on field attachment as a Management Trainee at NTHA FOUNDATION, where he is expecting to gain knowledge and skills on various aspects including administration, management, professional communication, research, and any other tasks align with the organization.


A 20-year-old undergraduate student at the Catholic University of Malawi, passionately pursuing a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Development with a minor in Political Leadership. Working with the Ntha Foundation as part of the M’mawa Management Malawi program, she is excited about the opportunities to refine her event planning and organizational skills, delve into the realm of digital media, and expand her artistic horizons.

Ntha Foundation extends warmest congratulations to the M’mawa Management Training Program Cohort 2 Alumni, as they recently graduated from The Malawi University of Science and Technology.

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