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Our managing director, Ms. Rhoda Kamwaza this week is in kigali, Rwanda, for an exciting week of networking, learning, and exchanges alongside 6 other hubs at the AfriLabs Annual Gathering.

In the heart of Malawi, the MUZI Ecosystem, propelled by the MIERA II project, is fostering transformative change in agriculture and tourism.  

This event is bringing together hubs to discuss and contribute to the development of rural communities. Rhoda Kamwaza, the visionary managing director of the Ntha Foundation, is representing the organization at this groundbreaking initiative.

Commissioned by GIZ and implemented by AFC GmbH, the Ntha Foundation, chosen from a competitive pool of 15 hubs, is set to embark on a 9-month project aimed at building digital skills and marketing tourism in Salima and Zomba.  

Capacity building activities such as Deep Ecosystems, Manscontour, and the facilitation of six hubs at the Afrilabs annual gathering in Kigali. Rhoda Kamwaza, the managing director, is embarking on this transformative trip to Rwanda with the intent of enhancing networking, discovering potential revenue streams, and forging valuable partnerships. The program will kick off with internal meetings and visits to other hubs in Kigali, facilitated by the Iris Hub. The goal is clear—to establish connections, share insights, and explore opportunities that will contribute to the success of the MUZI ecosystem back in Malawi. 

As the Ntha Foundation takes bold strides in empowering Malawi’s rural communities, the impact of their endeavors will undoubtedly resonate far beyond the borders of the MUZI ecosystem. With a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development, Rhoda Kamwaza and her team are paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for Malawi. 

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