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Alex Kachepa – renowned Malawian creative, marketer, and business development specialist is the closest the Ntha Foundation and the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre have to a co-founder. Alex has worked with the Ntha Foundation, and the founder, Nthanda Manduwi for over 7 years, and was very involved in the establishment of the Ntha Foundation, and the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre.

Working with the Ntha Foundation involved many a sleepless night, adventures and Eureka moments which have led to “we did it” moments. And that’s the beauty of the foundation – it is filled with people who have enough passion to move from idea to execution.

Alex, AKA Dizzo.

Speaking on his experience growing with the foundation:

Ironically when the foundation first launched, one of the first programmes we initiated was the Management Training Programme. An initiative aimed at training fresh graduates into skilled managers. For me, that was the first time actually managing a team and I learnt more within that year than I learned through my career until that point.


Alex says the foundation challenged him to grow his skills in people management, business development, communications, and more.

Watching events and programmes that started as simple conversations has shown me how important it is to be bold and brave. To this day, in my current position and profession I’m reminded of how special it is to be part of the foundation that does right beside creatives and Malawians in general! Especially when you consider that the graduates of the first cohort of the Management Training Program are the ones that are now managing the foundation and it’s activities.

Alex, teaching a Music4Malawi – Kwathu Upgrade class.

Alex is currently no longer a fulltime staff at the foundation, but now sits on the board as the “Creative Director”, and also consults as a creative trainer and producer.

Speaking on Impact, and hopes for the future:

Our goals and ambitions as an organization have not fully been realized, but I am personally proud of how far we have come. We have been part of elevating digital literacy levels in Malawi. In the meantime, being a part of a key training programme for the next wave of Malawian creatives. I can easily I wouldn’t be where I am without the foundation and the mutual vision the team has.

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