Celebrating Creativity, Innovation, and 5 Years of Ntha Foundation: APRIL ISSUE (MONTHLY NEWSLETTER)

Colleagues, Supporters, Friends,

As of June, 2023, we celebrated 5 years of the work of Ntha Foundation, and this entire year, we have been celebrating 5 years of working together to build this incredible dream, and serve Malawians. The Ntha Foundation is an education trust which fosters the use of creativity and innovation for Development through advocacy.

In just five years, we have made remarkable strides towards realising this vision. We registered as a non-profit company in Malawi in 2020, laying the groundwork for our operational activities. Through strategic partnerships with organisations such as the World Bank, the European Union, and GIZ, we have secured close to $400,000 in funding to establish two innovation hubs in Lilongwe and Mangochi. These hubs serve as beacons of creativity and innovation, providing young people with the resources and support they need to thrive.

As we commemorate the “World Innovation and Creativity Day”, I ask you to join me in the celebration of “5 years of Ntha Foundation”. These are 5 years of incredible sacrifice on my teams part – working often on below-par salaries, spending nights at the hubs; with a shared hope of building Malawi’s creative and innovation industries. We do not only look back on our accomplishments but also look forward with renewed determination and purpose. There is still much work to be done, many lives to be touched, and many dreams to be realised. Thank you for being part of our community and we look forward to more years of your support.


Nthanda Manduwi (Founder)

Work With Us

Want to partner on or fund one of our programmes / initiatives? We are always open to collaborations and partnerships. Contact our Business Development Associate; Ms. Abigail Zingani via contact@kwathucentre.org, or give us a call(direct or WhatsApp) on +265991850749.

To keep up with the work of the Ntha Foundation, our hubs under the Kwathu Kollective, our initiatives, and our projects, follow us on social media:




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