Road To 1 Million Jobs | Colance (E-Work) Training

The Ntha Foundation with funding from The World Bank through The Public-Private Partnership Commission has commenced its E-Work Training under this phase of the Digital Skills and Innovation Grants Training.

The purpose of the E-Work training is to introduce the participants to the concepts of remote or virtual work with the prospect of not limiting their digital skills to physical work. The course will tackle registration on remote work platforms, such as Colance Africa, and how to navigate the platforms in applying for virtual work.

The course will include lessons on: 

  • Virtual communication 
  • Online project management and task coordination  
  • Productivity and Collaboration for remote teams 
  • Setting up an E-work environment (introduction to freelancing platforms)  
  • Registration on Fiverr and Colance

After completing their digital skills training, the training will also ensure that participants will be equipped to gain employment through remote jobs. 

To learn more about the Digital Skills Training click here

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