Grants and Fellowship Opportunities for Youth | Recommended by Ntha Foundation

We at Ntha Foundation knows that access to funding, further education and networking opportunities are the key to an organization’s success and scaling up of your restoration and conservation work.

That’s why we want to share great funding, education and networking opportunities with you. 

Find below Grants and Fellowships: 

  • Small Research Grants on Education

  • Grants to Promote and Protect Freedom of Expression for Vulnerable or Marginalized Populations…

  • Voiceless Grants Program  
  • 1st Edition of the Global Excellence Assembly Awards 2023

  • World Intellectual Property Day 2023 Video Competition…/ipday/2023/video-competition.html

  • Scholarship for African Young Water and Sanitation Professionals…/1657-afwa-is-awarding…

  • ISC)² Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship

  • Solidarity Fund

  • Ambassador’s Self Help Fund

  • Call for Proposals: Mitigating antimalarial drug resistance in Africa…/mitigating-antimalarial-drug…/…

  • International Climate Initiative 
  • British Ecological Society grants…/ecologists…/

  • Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity…/gulbenkian-prize-for-humanity/

  • EU Support to Paralegals and Village Mediation…/online…/index.cfm…

  • Kofi Annan Foundation: Supporting Elections and democracy…/call-for…/

  • AFS Global STEM accelerators

  • Indigenous Fellowship Program…/

  • WTO issues call for papers for 2023 Essay Award for Young Economists…/news_e/news23_e/essay_27jan23_e.htm

  • Vital Voices Global Partnership

  • Conservation Grants…/conse…/

  • Wells Mountain Initiative  

  • Right Livelihood…/support-us/nominate/

  • DRLY FY22 Global Equity Fund…/

  • Next World now Community Investments

  • UN Voluntary fund for victims of torture…/united…/how-apply-annual-grant

  • The Alpine Fellowship Writing Prize 2023

  • The Alpine Fellowship Poetry Prize 2023

  • The WISE emerging leaders 2023 
  • Open call for CLIC grants 
  • USAID – Climate change initiative grant…

  • Gratitude fellowship…/apply-to-be-a…/

  • Science without borders challenge…/science…/

  • The UN Graduate study Program

  • Climate Investment challenge

  • European Union call for proposals…/online…/index.cfm…

  • Request for Proposals: West Africa Regional Hub Small Grants Fund…/research…/westafricaregionalhubrfp/

  • BIM Africa Innovation Awards

  • Implementation Research on Noncommunicable Disease Risk Factors among Low- and Middle-Income Country…

  • Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards 
  • World Habitat awards 
  • The EU System for an Enabling Environment for Civil Society (EU SEE)…/online…/index.cfm…

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