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Supporting the youth in the intentional use of their creative talents – helping them build sustainable brands; creating revenue and more job opportunities for other young creatives.

The Ntha Community Foundation is an education trust that fosters the use of creativity and innovation for development through advocacy. We aim to assist in the creation of sustainable businesses, creating employment, and in the longrun boosting the private sector.

We use creativity and innovation to advocate for socio-economic transformation through strategic communication.

The Nyenyezi Fellowship Program and M’mawa Management Program are our flagship programs – annual trainings that equip final year University students with the necessary skills to create and manage sustainable businesses and become job-creators, as opposed to jobseekers.

Take any one of our courses in advocacy, creative, entrepreneurship, digital and event planning skills.

Digi Savvy is n online learning platform under @NthaFoundation offering courses for success from leading organisations by highly qualified and experienced consultants

The Ntha Foundation Hub

is an Innovation and Creative Centre

in Lilongwe under @NthaFoundation,

offering a digital learning hub,

co-working space,

restaurant and a media production studio.







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We believe in impact over numbers. We are very intent on enabling entrepreneurs to create, establish and manage sustainable businesses in Africa.

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Fellows trained in advocacy, creative, digital, entrepreneurial and event management skills

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Core Programs

To be able to achieve our target of supporting the establishment of 7 sustainable businesses by incubating 7 entrepreneurs and training 28 management trainees per year, we need no less that MK33,600,000. In the longrun, and with your assistance; we hope to be self-sustaining; but we are not there yet. Support the training of an entrepreneur today, and become a part of history as we create a Malawi with a booming private sector, and a trail of sustainable businesses.


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A prosperous Malawi with a thriving private sector and low unemployment rates starts today, with you and I. Sponsor a future entrepreneur to undergo one of out training programs.

What You Can Do

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Volunteer and work with our team, to help us reach our goal of enabling a minimum of 7 young entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses in Africa which can employ more youth.

Something Bigger

Make A Gift

Coworking centres are a powerful tool to young entrepreneurs. Send us a gift, and help us set up one of our hubs and coworking centres. We accept all gifts, ranging from furniture to digital appliances. 

Digital Malawi Project

Digital Skills For All

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Female Gender Composition
Core Staff 50%
Support Staff 75%
Fellows 60%
Managment Trainees 71%
Outreach 56%
Linked Funding Opportunities 77%
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