World Mental Health Day | 21ST GENERATION’S BIG WALK

On October 7th, Lilongwe, Malawi, witnessed a groundbreaking event that left a lasting impact on the mental health awareness movement.

Organized by the 21st Generation, the Mental Health Big Walk united individuals, organizations, and communities to raise awareness, combat stigma, and promote overall well-being. Ntha Foundation, dedicated to advancing mental health, was honored to participate.Β 

The Mental Health Big Walk spanned from Gateway Mall to the renowned Bingu International Stadium. What could have been a dreadful journey under the blazing sun turned out to be a captivating and enjoyable experience. Participants engaged in conversations, shared personal stories, and most importantly, started breaking down the barriers surrounding mental health discussions. During the walk received there was passing of flyers to cars and passerbys flyers that included essential contact details for various mental health hotlines, ensuring immediate access to help and support, such as suicide and abuse hotlines. 

This initiative emphasized the event’s commitment to not only raising awareness but also providing practical resources. Upon arriving at Bingu International Stadium, the event began offering various activities to educate, inspire, and foster a sense of community. Renowned speakers shared their mental health journeys and provided valuable insights into coping strategies and resilience.

Ntha Foundation was honored to be part of this transformative event, in attendance was our Hub Manager and Communications Intern. The insights gained from the Mental Health Big Walk were invaluable, highlighting the power of a united community in dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health. This experience reinforced our belief in open dialogue, support, and understanding as key elements in improving mental well-being for all.

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