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Prisca Kamnkhwani, 24, holds a diploma in business administration. She joined the Ntha Foundation as Administrator in June of 2021. 

I joined the M’mawa Management Training  because I felt like I was lacking experience in Administration because ever since I got my degree I have never been in an administrative role. 

Prisca, with her fellow M’mawa Management Training colleague

With her background in attending fashion show events and being associated with creatives she was able to help out plan the first Bant2Business event at Kwathu Centre “The Creative Entrepreneur Edition ”. During the planning of the event Prisca was able to work on her role as an administrator by sending out invitations and ensuring everyone was well informed about the event.

I would like to be nominated as an upcoming fashion designer, be recognized as the best fashion designer in the next 2 years and I would like to have a shop where all my customers can buy ready made clothes. 


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Prisca would like to use her administration experience to further her dream as a fashion designer entrepreneur. Her role model who has done a great job in the fashion industry in Malawi is Lilly Alfonso. 

Some of Prisca’s Designs

It is important to know yourself. Understand and believe in your dreams. Give yourself room to research and plan for whatever you are dreaming of venturing into. Giving up isn’t the only way if things get tough ahead. Challenges build you up, and so does criticism. Failures make you unique, so use them and turn them into positives

Lilly Alfonso

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