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The hub at Ntha Foundation is ready for use by you, and/or your organisation!

The Ntha Foundation, an education trust led by Nthanda L. Manduwi, is a community organisation which fosters the use of creativity and innovation to champion development causes, through strategic communication and advocacy – with the goal of creating employment and eradicating poverty.

Who We Are

With support from the Malawi Government, through the Public Private Partnership Commission, under the Digital Malawi project funded by the World Bank, The Ntha Foundation is establishing an innovation and creativity hub in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Are you a youth-led organisation/start-up entrepreneur based in Lilongwe? Are you looking for a co-working space to utilising for day-to-day operations, trainings, meetings, and so on? We’ve got just what you need.


The hub located in Area 47, Sector 2, plot #68. It is accessible to the general public – taking specific interest in youth-led social-enterprises, female-led organisations/businesses, and all start-up entrepreneurs.

The hub is open, free of charge, to all selected Luntha Ndi Chuma trainees, all days of the week.
More about the Digi Savvy | Luntha Ndi Chuma program

The hub is open to the general public, all days of the week, under the terms specified in this article.

Services Offered

50 People Outdoor Conference/Events Venue

We offer an outdoor conference/events venue, with in-house decor and catering facilities. The venue is available to youth-led organisations, female-led organisations, start-up entrepreneurs, and private functions.


Up to 50 guests

Access to unlimited Wi-Fi for guests

Snack/lunch/cocktail packages (to be discussed with caterer)


MK50,000 – venue only

MK100,000 – venue + unlimited Wi-Fi and sound system

Snack/lunch/cocktail packages to be discussed with caterer.

16 Person Indoor Training Room

This room can take up to 16 people per training session. It has 4 tables shared by 4 trainees, and each table has 4 chairs and 4 fully-equipped computers. Youth and female-led rganisations can book to use the training room for their various trainings.


16 work stations – a space at a table, chair, and a computer

Access to unlimited Wi-Fi

1 drink and one snack per person


MK64,000 per day

Team/Individual Indoor Co-Working Rooms

The hub offers co-working rooms, which take up to 4 people per room. The room has 4 desks and 4 chairs, and entrepreneurs can bring their own computers, and have access to unlimited Wi-Fi.


1 Work Station – a desk and a chair

Access to unlimited Wi-FI

One free soft drink, and a snack per day


MK10,000 per day

MK70,000 per month

Team/Indivudual Outdoor Co-Working/Meeting Spaces

The hub offers outdoor co-working/meeting spaces, which take up to 4 people per table. These spaces are situated on the verandah, under the deck, and in the garden. Entrepreneurs can bring their own computers, and have access to unlimited Wi-Fi.

Tiwale Organisation team, having a brief meeting


Access to unlimited Wi-Fi

One soft-drink, and one snack per person


MK5,000 per day

MK35,000 per month

Contact Us

To make a booking, or inquire for more details, please do not hesitate to reach out, and our team will get back to you at the earliest convenience.

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