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The Ntha Foundation, an education trust led by Nthanda Manduwi, is a community organisation which fosters the use of creativity and innovation to champion development causes, through strategic communication and advocacy – with the goal of creating employment and eradicating poverty.

With support from the Malawi Government, through the Public Private Partnership Commission, under the Digital Malawi project funded by the World Bank, The Ntha Foundation is establishing the Kwathu Innovation and Creative Centre in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The hub under Ntha Foundation has launched the Digi Savvy program under the Luntha Ndi Chuma (Digital Malawi) national project, and will be one of the 6 hubs be implementing digital skills trainings, targeting the youth.

The Ntha Foundation Team, with some of the trainees – organisation leaders and entrepreneurs.

Creative and social entrepreneurs will also be trained on ways to help them leverage ICT technologies, and digital marketing spaces. 

Thus far, 23 entrepreneurs and organisation leaders have been engaged. 22 more will be engaged and trained from Mkwichi primary and secondary schools in Lilongwe.

The orientation was also graced by officials from the Public Private Partnership Commission – Mr. P. Kabambe, the CEO of the Public Private Partnership Commission, Mr. C. Matemba, the project manager of the Digital Malawi project; Ms. A. Liabunya, the Digital Malawi project liaison officer; and some of the Digital Skills Grants Committee members for the Digital Skills and Innovation Program, the chairperson, Mr. C. R. Gama (C.E.O. of NICO Technologies), and Mrs. T. Chinkhwezule (Legal Services Manager, AHL Group).

The digital skills training is fully funded, and will go on for the next 12 weeks in Lilongwe, training no less than 45 young people, 60% of whom are female.

See more of the services offered at the hub here

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