What is the Digital Divide?

The digital divide refers to the gap that exists between groups of people who have access to and can benefit from the Digital Age and those who do not, and therefore cannot.

People that do not have access to computers, the internet, or any other form of information and communications technology are disadvantaged when it comes to accessing digital information, online lessons, the convenience of online shopping, and the different digital currencies.

Globally, this gap is more transparent between developing countries and developed countries.

Specifically, the digital divide is noticeable between the rural and the urban areas, affecting the uneducated more than the educated.

This gap becomes even more transparent in the gender retrospect, where women are heavily underrepresented in the world of tech.

In the Eastern Region of Malawi, the digital divide is more so apparent because of the lack of innovation and tech hubs.

And among these, other reasons such as poverty, high primary school dropout rate, and early marriages.

Check out this post for a conversation between our M.D. Nthanda Manduwi and various key players in the innovation space, discussing ideas on what can be done to better enable innovation in Malawi.

In partneship with the Malawi Government through the Public Private Partnership Commission, as funded by the World Bank, the Ntha Foundation is launching a second tech hub in Mangochi, to serve the eastern region of Malawi.

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