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Are you a talented and skilled young individual between the ages of 18 and 35 residing in Lilongwe? Are you interested in exploring the world of freelancing and leveraging your marketable skills to earn income and gain valuable experience?

The Ntha Foundation is thrilled to announce our upcoming E-Work Training Workshop, designed specifically for out-of-school youths with skills such as graphics design, language interpretation, marketing, and more. 

The Ntha Foundation through the Digital Malawi project which is a Government of Malawi project being implemented by the Public Private Partnership Commission with funding from The World Bank has organized The E-Work Training Workshop which aims to empower participants by building awareness of the vast opportunities available on the internet and freelancing platforms. Through this five-day event, we will equip 100 young individuals with essential e-work skills that will enable them to utilize their talents effectively, both monetarily and experientially. 

Key Details

Location : Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre, Lilongwe  

Training Dates : 26th June – 30th June 2023  

Application Deadline: 23rd June 2023

Target Participants: 100 talented youths 

For further inquiries or more information, please contact us at or call +265 991 85 07 49. 

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