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Our team at Ntha Foundation team was invited to the prestigious Directors Merit Awards (DMA) ceremony, an event that was a celebration of musical brilliance and creativity.

Celebrating Musical Excellence

The DMA Music Competition took place on August 4th, 2023, at Golden Peacock. This is an occasion that showcased the exceptional talents of the Music Crossroads academy students and their dedication to the art of music.

The DMA Music Competition aims to bring creativity, harmony, and innovation to the forefront as these talented student bands take the stage to present their music to an eager audience. A distinguished panel of seasoned music experts was tasked with judging the performances. Their evaluation was based on factors such as musicality, originality, stage presence, and overall impact. This platform provided an incredible opportunity for the students’ bands to gain not only exposure and recognition but also valuable feedback from industry professionals.

For the Ntha Foundation team, this event is a chance to expand our network and forge connections with fellow players in the music industry, which perfectly aligns with our ongoing Music4Malawi initiative.

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