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Meet Njaliwe Simango, a passionate individual with a diverse skill set and a strong commitment to uplifting the youth in her community. Njaliwe is currently pursuing a degree in Community Development at the Catholic University of Malawi, and she’s also a diploma holder in Fashion Art and Beauty, earning a distinction at Don Bosco Technical College. Her unique blend of talents and unwavering dedication to her cause make her a remarkable addition to the M’mawa Management Training Programme at Ntha Foundation.

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Njaliwe’s journey has been shaped by her fervent desire to empower young people, particularly those in rural areas. Her diploma in Fashion Art and Beauty speaks to her creative talents, which range from garment construction to beauty therapy. However, it is her true passion for equipping rural youth with practical skills that sets her apart. Njaliwe aims to teach them sewing skills, both by hand and machine, and inspire a spirit of DIY creativity, including crafting items like tote bags. Her vision extends beyond sewing; she is determined to carry out research to identify the best ways to address the myriad challenges faced by Malawian youth.

Now, Njaliwe is embarking on a new chapter in her journey as a M’mawa Management Trainee at NTHA FOUNDATION. This incredible opportunity is made possible by the Bien Corporation Africa co-funding the M’mawa Management Training Program. This program is a full-time, voluntary initiative that provides comprehensive training in various aspects of management, including marketing, finance, communication, and procurement. It also instills essential work ethics that are vital for professional success.

Njaliwe firmly believes in sustainable development, and she views the M’mawa Management Training Program as a beacon of hope for Malawian youth. It is a platform that fosters innovation, creativity, and the development of practical skills that can lead to meaningful change in their lives and communities. Njaliwe is deeply grateful for this opportunity and is eager to contribute her passion and dedication to the NTHA FOUNDATION‘s mission of creating lasting change and a brighter future for all.

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Ntha Foundation extends warmest congratulations to the M’mawa Management Training Program Cohort 2 Alumni, as they recently graduated from The Malawi University of Science and Technology.

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