As the Operations and Finance Manager at Ntha Foundation, I am pleased to share with you the first Ntha Foundation annual report.

What a year it has been here at Ntha Foundation, taking part in our first funded and biggest project yet, since we started in 2018, and holding various projects and collaborations along the way. Many thanks for those that have been with us in this journey.

Just to restate who we are and what we do: The Ntha Foundation is an education trust which fosters the use of creativity and innovation for entrepreneurial development. We do this by assisting in the creation of sustainable businesses, creating employment, and in the long run boosting the private sector. We also advocate for socio-economic transformation through strategic communication.

Our organisational culture at its core is made up of a mix of young professionals, researchers and creatives who create informative & engaging content to champion change and the pursuit of our mission – which is Supporting the youth in the intentional use of their creative talents – helping them build sustainable brands; creating revenue for themselves and more job opportunities for other young creatives.

As we step into our 5th year of existence, we find ourselves working towards a position of growth and agile sustainability. This is thanks to the amazing team and other stakeholders we have worked with along the way.

Please find the full report here:



Operations & Finance Manager

Ntha Foundation

This report was prepared by the Ntha Foundation team. Meet our team:

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